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Brian Pengelley

Brian Pengelley became commander in chief of the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association in 2011, after serving on the Board of Directors for six years. During his four-year tenure (2011-2015), he achieved great feats, tackling the issues his predecessors had wrestled with and engaging in a series of new initiatives. His presidency resulted in major wins in Tax Reform, special financing and foreign exchange access for the productive sector, and the strengthening of linkages with the Tourism and Agriculture sectors through the establishment of the Tourism Linkages Council and Manufacturing Technical Working Group under the Tourism Linkages Hub, formed in 2013.

Among his greatest achievements was the implementation of the Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) Membership Facility in 2012, allowing smaller manufacturers to fully benefit from JMA’s value-added services to grow their businesses. Brian Pengelley was also the leading mastermind behind the JMA’s Jamaica International Exhibition (JIE), which came to fruition in June 2017. JIE is a first-class mega expo, the first of its kind in Jamaica, which offers businesses an opportunity to interact with some of the largest and most important traders worldwide.