Standing Committees

Metry Seaga President Advocacy and    Public Affairs Influence, Advise, Review and Inform the public and stakeholders on public policy and initiatives, communicates JMA's position
Jason Dear Treasurer Finance, Adminstration and Special Projects Monitor and Control the Finances, Administration and Implementation of Special Projects 
Howard Mitchell Vice President Crime and Justice, Training and Skills Development  Responsible for pursuing criminal justice reforms to ensure that the laws and regulations work as efficiently and fairly as possible and also advice on creating a crime free environment where manufacturers can grow
Christopher Powell Vice President Exports and Logistics  Handles issues relating to international trade, export promotion and improvement of trade facilitation internally
Simon Roberts Vice President Tax Reform and Fiscal Policy Matters of Taxation and Fiscal Policy
David Martin Vice President Energy and Utilities Interact with key stakeholders and provide input on matters pertaining to energy and utilities
Michelle Smith Vice President  Membership Development  Membership Recruitment, Assistance and the Development and implementation of Capacity Building Initiatives
Simon DuQuesnay Vice President  Procurement  Primarily responsible for monitoring and verifying procurement actions and ensuring that approved procurement procedures have been applied properly