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Buy Jamaican Campaign

The Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) has consistently propelled the “Buy Jamaican…Build Jamaica” message, with the assistance of the National Commercial Bank since 2004.  We fully recognize the right of consumers here in Jamaica and overseas, to choose the products they buy. Many of our local products are produced at world class standards and are competitively priced, so that consumers can easily choose to buy local over imported goods.

The more we support our own products and services, the more revenue we will generate for the government to implement socio-economic programmes, to improve education, health and infrastructure as well as enhance the quality of life of all our people. Buying Jamaican also helps to keep our fellow Jamaicans employed, and creates new job opportunities, as local manufacturers retool and expand. Additionally, buying Jamaican helps to retain valuable foreign exchange and to reverse the country’s huge trade deficit. We have to reduce our dependence on imports by increasing our consumption of local products and becoming more export driven, and we all have a part to play in making this happen.

Activities executed under the Campaign include:

  • Islandwide Road Shows
  • Schools’ Entrepreneurship Competition
  • Essay and Video Competitions
  • School Book Distribution
  • Supermarket Promotions
  • Mounting of Billboards
  • Membership Mingles
  • Public Education Campaign